Embrace the chaos?

I want everything to be planned and efficient. It's always been that way. Errands go in a specific order. Dishes go in certain places in the washer. I always know where I'm going when I run or bike, and I try not to back track or repeat the same ground on the same journey. 

But writing...writing is none of those things. I try to plan it, and the plan is thrown out within 1000 words. I try to be efficient, but I write and rewrite and dither and explore with every scene. I try to go in a linear progression, but instead it's like swimming blind--circles and squiggles and so many more miles than intended.

So, this revision, I've got to accept that things still aren't linear. There are too many plot threads that are still tangled to be able to get a clean, linear progression this time around. 

That's not the end of the world. I mean, it feels like it, but it's really not. 

Instead of resisting, maybe I should embrace the chaos. Tackle the most critical, main plot scenes from end to beginning instead. Or just follow my own thoughts from question to question, scene to scene, until the parts that are troubling me, are fixed enough to be woven into the linear progression again.  

That seems reasonable. 


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